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Smartphones Rental RATES

Smartphones Rental Rates

Description Device Period
Rental fee
TOP Week 125.00 Device only
Rental fee TOP Month 345.00 Device only
Rental fee
STD Week 75.00 Device only
Rental fee STD Month 195.00 Device only
SIM card    Any  Rental  20.00  200 min.voice, 200 text, 1GB
Voice airtime additional
 Domestic   una tantum
 65.00 includes 50 € voice

Voice airtime additional

  una tantum
 125.00 Includes 100 € voice airtime
Voice airtime additional
 Intyernat.  una tantum
 65.00 Includes 50 € voice airtime
Voice airtime additional
 una tantum
 125.00 Includes 100 € voice airtime
SIM with 7GB     35.00  
SIM with 15GB     55.00  
1 GB Additional    una tantum
1 GB Additional
   una tantum
Rush Option     25.00 24/48 H management
Shipment to Italy   each way 15.00  
Shipment to Europe   each way t.b.c. To be calculated
Valet service      75.00 Linate Airport LIN
Valet service      135.00 Malpensa Airport MXP
Valet service 
     125.00  Bergamo Orio Airport BGY

Equipment TOP: Samsung Trend, Galaxy S2, S3, Nexus, iPhone 3, 4, 5

Equipment STD:  Samsung Trend, mini, Fame.. 

Rental kit: 1 device, 1 battery, 1 travel charger 

 Artime/Voice Rates 

 SIM card prepaid includes

  • 200 minutes voice fixed or cellular terminations
  • 200 SMS/Text messages
  • 1GB internet access

Domestic calls (Italy) 

Calling rates are charged by network operator directly, as follows: : 
15 cents €/minute + 16 cents € each call

Additional blocks of airtime can be purchased before rental or during rental:

International Calls

The International Calls option must be requested before rental start. Blocks of "international" prepaid airtime must be purchased among those available:

Calling rates are charged by network operator directly, as follows: :

UK 60 cents € /minute + 16 cents € each call

France–Germany: 30 cents €/minute + 16 each call

USA, Canada Messico, Australia Giappone; 60 cents € /minute + 16 centesimi each call

Africa: 2.60 € /minute
Specific country call charges are avalable upon request.

Internet Airtime
Internet Data airtime is available as follows, in addition to the 1GB already included into the SIM card:

1GB  and  2GB:  

RUSH Option: for immediate (24/48hours) rental management

Valet Service: consignment or delivery directly at the airports (MXP, LIN, BGY)  and in Milan Downtown area. Service is charged for each airport meeting. 

Valet service: available for Linate (LIN),  Bergamo Orio /BGY)  and Malpensa (MXP) Airports, Milan Downtown Area

Standard rental management time: 3-5 days prior to rental start


  • Rates net of VAT subject to change at any time, without prior advise. 
  • Payment by credit card or Bank wire TT
  • Deposit: by credit card 
  • Credit cards accepted: Amex, Visa, Mcard, Csì. 
  • Ful details on Conditions and terms of rental:
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