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Smartphones Rental in Milano 

Smartphone rentals  in Milano - Tablets Rentals 

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Equipment kit supplied: Smartphone/Tablet with  travel charger, 1 battery.

SIM card: equipment is rented without SIM card; if necessary it has to be specifically requested. 

Optional accessories: battery, carry-on case, 12VDC cigarette lighter adapter (availability might change depending on model)

Country of operations: ITALY; Pick up and drop off MUST be carried out in Italy.

Models available: iPhone, Samsung, Nokia  
Minimum rental period: 4 days
Instruciton manual: English version only available in digital format, PDF. 

Software: operating software is available in Italian. Other languages: to be requested upon reservation. 

Extra days: for each extra rental day, the applicable rate will be based on the weekly rate.

Rental starts when the equipment is shipped from Speeka's warehouse to  renter and it is considered terminated when the equipment is returned to Speeka's warehouse. 

SIM card (optional)

The SIM card,  if requested, allows voice calls, text messages and internet access.

Each SIM card is supplied with a minimi allowance of voice calls, text messages and internet access. 
The minimum allowance is: 200 minutes of voice calls to Italian fixed and cellular terminations, 200 text messages (SMS). 

It includes aldo 1GB of internet data. 

Domestic call (Italy) 
Domestic calls are charged directly by the network operator. Extra Domestic airtime can be purchased at reservation or during rental. 

International calls

The request  to activate the SIM card for international calls must be made at reservation and renter must purchase blocks of airtime, among those available. Extra "international" airtime can be purchased at reservation or during rental. 

Internet access
More GB of internet data, in addition to the 1GB already supplied with the SIM card, can be purchased at reservation or during rental.

RUSH option: this option allows immediate management of the rental request (24/48 hours), instead of standard 3-5 days. 
Documetns requested:  (ref. Pisanu law):
ID /or Passport and majort credit cards (Amex, Visa, Mcard). 

Deposit: we require a deposit on the credit card for each rented device. This deposit wil be returned after the termination of the rental. VAT is not charged to the Deposit and the amount is not cashed. 

Terms and conditions of rental (short).

For full details access specifica page (select link to the left of page) 

All prices FOB our warehouse, net of VAT; payment: in advance. Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Amex.  Rates subject to change at all times, without prior notice. 

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