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Ctrack The Challenge

Ctrack The Challenge

GSE service providers and owners need to keep track of their equipment and the utilization thereof in order to meet airport authority requirements and manage and control their own operations. 

Understanding the operational hours of equipment inclusive of the time stamps and geo-location is key to realizing operational efficiency improvements. Being able to keep track of machine operational hours furthermore allows for maintenance intervals to be predicated and scheduled so as to avoid service disruptions. 

GSE service providers are not only looking for historical reports for real-time usage, but also need to create predictive usage models for their equipment.

Workplace incidents are also a challenge, as any increase in handling volume is usually followed by an increase in these type of incidents. 

GSE service providers need better asset monitoring and management to reduce the number of workplace incidents and enhance the overall safety of their personnel. With historical reports, debriefings on safety events can be properly backed up.

GSE service providers need more automation in order to meet these requirements.

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