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Smartphones Rental Terms and Conditions

Smartphones Rental Terms and Condirtons

Rent a Smartphone 

Terms and Conditions of Hire  

Terms of Hire Shipping Telephone

Traffic Voice and Data charges 

Support / Maintenance 

Definitions  for hire means the hire of the apparatus; the rental of the SIM card is optional. If provided, depending on the type of charter, the apparatus or the SIM card can be hired separately. Phone voice or data traffic: voice traffic is defined as all voice calls or data connections made ​​with the equipment rented / hired Sim card, both outgoing and incoming, if applicable. Roaming traffic: it defines roaming traffic, the traffic carried outside the nation activation of the SIM card, when you use a GSM SIM card or a SIM card enabled for GSM traffic. 

CHECK-OUT-Delivery: means the beginning of the rental and with it the delivery of the hired kit (apparatus, accessories and / or SIM) SIM or only by express courier from Speeka or by the customer. The charge starts from the day of delivery of the hired equipment to the carrier. Delivery can also be made directly to the customer if the offices of Speeka after appropriate appointment, always with the payment of the specific delivery costs for shipment from the warehouse to offices Speeka. The delivery of the kit or the SIM marks the beginning of the rental, ovverossia the day of delivery of the apparatus or the SIM card to the carrier marks the beginning of the rental. If delivery is made to the client directly (ie in case of delivery of the equipment / accessories / SIM hired at the offices Speeka), the date of departure of the rent and charges to coincide with the delivery date. Shipping in countries other than Italy: The customer is fully responsible for all expenses related to the customs clearance in the destination country. The value of the security on the apparatus doubles to guarantee the payment of the expenses of the return in Italy. 

CHECK-IN Return: means the end of the rental, ovverossia the arrival of the apparatus hired by shipment by a courier hired by Speeka or the customer, at the office or warehouse Speeka. The return can also be done by the customer himself at the offices of Speeka, specific prior appointment. Only the arrival of the kit in Speeka hired (SIM and apparatus, accessories or SIM (if rented individually) in Speeka marks the end of the rental and related charges of the rental. Debits traffic, carried out directly on the timer apparatus will then be re-checked and updated / invoiced / credited to the receipt of invoices for telephone traffic of telecom expertise. rental means ended with the termination of the accumulation of objections raised only to the return of the kit car or one SIM (if rented individually . Shipments to countries other than Italy: The customer is fully responsible for all expenses related to the customs clearance in the destination country. doubles the value of the security on the apparatus to guarantee the payment of the expenses of the return in Italy. Extending the rental contract: the contract of hire is extended upon written request by the customer, or, in the case of rental extended through the issuance by Speeka a special charter extension bill sent via e-mail. The underwriter of the rental agreement may contact Speeka within 1 week from the date of invoice to manage the return of the rented equipment and terminate the rental agreement by paying all the costs provided up to the time of delivery of the material. Day: is defined as a period of 24 hours. Week: is defined as a period of 7 (seven) days. Weekend: is defined as a period beginning on Friday 'at 18:00 and ends on Monday' at 9:00. Month: is defined as a period of thirty (30) days. Minimum time: the minimum rental period and '1 week, unless otherwise specified. The car starts when the equipment leaves the site or Speeka of His branches, and ends only when you return it. If the equipment is not covered by the due date, the customer / user / subscriber of the rental agreement must be in writing, must warn Speeka expected delay and always communicate in writing the date of delivery. The charges provided for in the rental agreement will continue until full return Speeka at the rented equipment. Failure to return the rented equipment if the rented equipment is not returned enters the new date, Speeka insidacabile reserves the right to block the telephone line and hired him to file a complaint with the competent police authorities. The charges in each case and are due to continue until the day of the complaint by Speeka to the competent police authorities. Speeka reserves the right to contact the user directly on the leased line to ask questions about the reasons for the delay and at its sole discretion, reserves the right to Speeka alert the user, even indirectly, through contact third of 'impending block of the telephone line, to avoid that the user can be in emergency conditions without being alerted preventivamenente of the block of the telephone line. Deposit: the opening of the rental is required to pay a security deposit, to be charged on your credit card; such iomporto not been cashed, but shall be made available. In the case of payment of the amount due as a deposit by bank transfer / check, the amounts due are twice that provided for the use of credit card. The deposit will be returned after about two animating cycles of fatturarazione after the closing date of the rental agreement itself, quantifiable in about 2-3 months from the closing date of the rental itself. Speeka reserves the right to collect rent in definitively if a) the amount of calls made during the rental period exceeds the amount of the deposit (requiring, in this case an integration of such deposit), b) the materials returned at the end of car is damaged, c) the rented equipment is not returned to Speeka within periods provided for in the rental agreement signed, d) the equipment rented is no longer returned, anch ein due to theft. The deposit is not subject to accumulation of interest. The value of the security on the apparatus doubles to guarantee the payment of the expenses of the return in Itali, when the apparatus is shipped in countries other than Italy: The customer is fully responsible for all expenses related to the customs clearance in the destination country. Urgency: option is meant by the urgency required to start a car in the same day or during the next 48 hours, from the initial request for rental. 

PAYMENTS: Payments are accepted only if required by credit card. Payments by bank transfer should be requested in advance, but the credit card and 'always required to guarantee payment of any charges EOA related accessories to telephone traffic, damage, theft, breakage, and like 

CONFIRMATION; No rental and 'considered confirmed and no apparatus potra' be delivered to the customer until receipt in Speeka of the rental agreement duly signed for acceptance of all conditions of hire Speeka. Customer Service: Monday ---> Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. Saturday and holidays: the company 'and' closed. PIN and PUK: PIN and PUK are disclosed. Knowing the PUK, the customer, by signing the rental agreement, confirmation to be fully responsible for all costs resulting from the theft of equipment and the use of the line. Test apparatus: The client MUST ALWAYS test the apparatus at the beginning of the rental, to be able to determine or understand the operation. Speeka assumes no responsibility 'for devices not tested by the client, in the event of malfunction during the rental. 

WARNING: signing the rental agreement, the customer declares to be aware that satellite phones (if you rent a satellite kit) funzionanon only outdoors without obstructions / obstacles of any kind, including even trees, upon receipt of signal. Speeka ppotrà not be liable for loss of use of the apparatus qualsaisi hired, if the customer does not use the system as intended by the manufacturer. Speeka not 'responsible in any way for any black-out periods of the satellite signal or cell phone; the client can not 'in any way retaliate against Speeka for any damages, financial, moral or material, and disservice not dependent on the will' to Speeka. 

CONDITIONS OF RENTAL 'forbidden to sub-rent the equipment rented at Speeka. The owner of the rental agreement assumes all responsibility for business, legal, and penalties for running the equipment rental Speekaa provided by third parties. The Customer must notify Speeka the correct information, concerning its generality 'and those of the user. The lack of identity documents 'a valid' determines the non-confirmation of the rental. The cost of the rental of the SIM card (phone line) or apparatus are always borne solely by the customer / owner of the credit card. In the case of rental of one SIM card, if possible, the customer and 'must request this option to Speeka, in writing, in the form of booking your car. All rental agreements are to be made payable to the holder of the credit card, you must also provide appropriate proof of identity. In case the holder of the credit card user is different, and 'the necessary identification documents' of both. The holder must 'send to Speeka, via fax or email copy of the following documents on letterhead: identity card' / passport, credit card, writing by hand reference numbers (to avoid problems with the transmission fax), not expired, and with at least 3 months validity 'remaining rental agreement form signed and filled in all its parts with the required information. No booking request and 'valid if the form completed and signed rental agreement and not' was sent to Speeka, together with the documents and the credit card. The cardholder and 'aware that sending the application form is signed rental acceptance of the conditions of hire so' as expressed by Speeka. He must 'also complete, sign and return to Speeka, via fax, the rental agreement, and that' available for download from the website (or that will be 'sent to fill in, with all data relating to the rental, fax, on demand). Speeka provide 'then confirm the hire to the Customer. The Customer must 'submit this form duly signed to Speeka: Incomplete forms will not be considered valid. Reservations are accepted only if all the required documents have been provided to Speeka and if the rental agreement or the documents for various technical procedures (eg emergency procedure) submitted by the customer Speeka have been accepted and signed by them. For any hires only the apparatus, the client MUST ALWAYS sign the rental agreement. The customers 'increasingly responsible for the rental of the device, SIM card, accessories and the payment of the number of days in more' than those provided by the booking. The rental rate does not include insurance, so that in case of failure / breakage / loss / theft, the customer and 'always in charge of the apparatus and / or SIM card chartered. The customers' increasingly responsible for damage, loss, loss, theft apparatus and its accessories. The customers' fully responsible for import / export and all costs incurred in the course of steps in any frontier of fines and of all legal consequences arising from the use of equipment and non-cellular and satellite in nations where none and 'permitted use. All rental rates are considered to be net of VAT. Cancellation of reservation: In case of rentals confirmed, and after payment, up to 7 days before date of exit of the apparatus: a penalty of one week rental and traffic minimum expected more 'any logistical costs incurred. Up to 72 hours before the start of rental: penalty equal to 50% of the planned figure or debit card at time of booking. Within 72 hours before the start of the rental will be charged the full amount provided for in the charter. The penalty applies on all costs calculated by Speeka. The car is meant confirmed, and therefore subject to cancellation in the manner prescribed, once the customer has confirmed the hire, by his signature on the rental agreement itself or in the documents submitted by Speeka for acceptance of the conditions of hire. Pen-2: in the event of booking and then canceled or canceled within 48 hours prior to the start of the rental, we apply a penalty of € 100.00 more 'VAT, in addition to the standard condition relating to the cancellation. If the shipment and 'already' been made, the client and 'pay to Speeka all shipping charges (including all charges) from and to the same Speeka, more' VAT. In case of postponement of booking, will not be charged any fee if the rental is confirmed in each case by a date later than planned, but only if the device or the SIM has not yet been delivered or shipped. If the device or the SIM is already 'been shipped, the rental is still considered as valid and started. E 'must be confirmed within 24 hours of the new dates for the beginning and the end of the rental. The rental period begins when the equipment leaves the headquarters of Speeka, and ends when you fall physically.    The rental rate of all the fittings for it for minimum one (1) week, or as specifically stated in the special rental rates of each type of telephone set. 

SHIPPING For next day delivery, the reservation must be confirmed, after sending all the required documents, and the rental contract signed, by fax to Speeka, before 12:00 on a working day (Saturday and 'considered a day non-working). Otherwise Speeka does not guarantee next day delivery. Islands: the expected delivery time and 'for 48 hours. Any request for delivery of the apparatus to the carrier, after 15:00, involves the expenditure of an additional fixed fee for the service of personal delivery to the courier, at the headquarters of the latter. Speeka assumes no responsibility ', in the case of shipments by express courier, any delays in delivery once the goods are delivered to the courier himself. Speeka recognizes one (1) day delivery (mainland Italy) and 2 (two) days (in the case of shipment Islands) free of charge, both outbound and return of the equipment / SIM cards. The customer has the chance 'to ensure the goods supplied by Speeka, when shipped to your address or if it is returned to Speeka. The failure to require insurance on shipments implies full responsibility 'of the customer in the event of theft, damage, damage, loss and theft. There are no withdrawal will 'delivery on the Sabbath day, unless requested in writing, to the customer, and if the chosen carrier offers this service, upon payment of the provisions for these special deliveries. The expedition is not 'insured. If the customer requires insurance, the invoice will be charged for amounts relating, as proposed fare. The device / SIM card out to the total risk of the customer. The customer can 'require that shipments are made with their own courier, using a special alert in the form of booking your car. The possible lack of insurance coverage makes the customer fully responsible for damage, theft, loss, danneggiamentii, may have occurred during transport. Shipments at the airport / port / mailbox: not allowed. Deliveries at the airport: on request only, to Malpensa and Linate airports, with valet service, as provided by tariffs. The shipping rate is for a single trip and with a limit of 1 apparatus. Shipments of more 'devices will be listed specifically. Delivery / Collection: all are absolutely required information, name, surname, company 'address, postcode, telephone and fax, of the places where deliveries will be made / withdrawals. In case of breakage, loss, damage or theft of the package containing the equipment or accessories used for the shipment, the customer must immediately notify the shipper. If the report is not made to the delivery, and also lacks the insurance coverage, the customer and 'fully responsible for the damage, loss, theft. The Customer agrees not to send, without the prior consent and instructions Speeka, the rented equipment. The couriers who work on Saturdays may require an additional fee to be charged to the normal cost of shipment: these supplements will be charged to the customer. Shipping in countries other than Italy: The customer is fully responsible for all expenses related to the customs clearance in the destination country. The value of the security on the apparatus doubles to guarantee the payment of the costs of returning to Italy, where the apparatus is shipped in countries other than Italy itself. In the face of shipments in countries other than Italy, to cover any costs of customs clearance, Speeka applies a fixed cost of 100 € + VAT, integrated on the basis of actual costs and billed by the customs authorities during customs clearance. 

Telephone Traffic VOICE and DATA The charge of traffic and 'based on the calculation of the minutes of the conversation of GB of data downloaded. Roaming abroad: and 'necessary to confirm the specific request Speeka. Rental rates: will be charged the lowest 'convenient for the customer. In case of additional days, we calculate the cost of the weekly rental divided by seven and multiplied by the number of additional days. Telephone traffic: the fee charged and 'indicated in the rental contract. If you were using a numbering enabled roaming, you pay also receiving calls. Call Detail: Only available if requested at the beginning of the rental. If you do not select prepaid rates, Telephone traffic and 'determined by the use of the apparatus and is' controllable by the counter apparatus itself. All airtime charges are based on the internal timer of the system or if not available on the retail electronic calls generated by the use of the line. Calls with Calling Cards: the rate is always applied on the traffic generated by the use of the equipment. Calls charged to the recipient: they are always paid by the customer. All the objections of traffic are always subject to final review, upon arrival of the invoice to Speeka by Telecom of expertise. All debits / credits traffic from Speeka are charged directly to your credit card. The minimum traffic required for each rental, as per specific rates, and 'always had and it is not discountable, non-refundable. 

COMPLAINTS Charge on credit card without signing -Applies a fixed fee of Euro 10.00 + VAT (for mail order), not charged if the holder of the credit card in person retires. Charges on credit cards: all expenses relating to the rental are addebite automatically to the credit card provided. In the case of requests for payments with credit transfers, Speeka reserves the right 'to accept this form of payment, but in any case for any delay in payment by wire, over 4 days, Speeka has the right to charge the credit card provided by the customer of all sums relating to the rental, telephone traffic, as costs arising from damage, theft, loss, and the like. Credit cards accepted: American Express *, Visa, Mastercard, Cartasi. 3 Objections to the customer are carried out on the credit card. provided upon reservation: one for the value of the equipment (security deposit, VAT-free), one for the value of the expected phone traffic (if different from prepaid) and one for the rental fee at the beginning of the same. The license for the deposit is collected. Additional charges are made automatically both during and at the end of the rental, always on the credit card for additional charges incurred during the rental period The charges are set out in the lease agreement and the related invoices issued at the beginning and at the end of the rental. The Customer must pay the amount for the rental of apparatus and Sim, including any pre-paid at the beginning of the rental. Any differences for additional days or traffic in excess of the pre-paid are to be welded to the back of the apparatus or the presentation of the invoice for calls made when provided for by the delay of telecom expertise. Accessories: the minimum charge and '1 week. 

The VISA ELECTRON card or similar debit cards are not accepted for any transaction. Invoices are issued in the currency of the country in which you start the car. Speeka reserves the right to change the billing currency on the basis of needs' contingent. In the case of invoicing currency of the Euro versa, the exchange rate applied and 'the official purchase of foreign currency, plus a fixed fee dell'3.5%, calculated on the day of the transaction. All rates are more 'VAT. Rates are subject to change at any time, without notice. Any hires already 'begun, will not be affected by these changes in fares. In case of use of Sim cards of his property ', the Customer must' contact the local telephone company. Speeka assumes no responsibility 'for the failure of the Sim not provided directly. 

LOCK-SEIZURE (even temporary) of the equipment hired Speeka suggested to submit a list of the countries visited estimate, also to assess any nations in blacklisting any indication given is made without any obligation and commitment. This check is performed only for prudential reasons. The customers' fully responsible for import / export and all costs incurred in the course of any steps in any border / customs. Speeka informs the customer that it is not responsible for any block (physical or technological) of the apparatus by local authorities of foreign nations. Speeka advises the Customer to check directly with the embassy of the country in which the equipment will be autilizzato in relation to possible prohibitions, legal limits on the use of the apparatus hired. The customer is always responsible for any costs, direct or indirect, caused by blockage, or seizure-like situation and determined by authorities of any type, domestic or foreign, while using the apparatus rented, while traveling or while in transit with the customs authorities. No refund will be paid for the block of any kind (including temporary storage that prevents the use) of satellite equipment resulting from the provisions of national authorities such as the Ministry of Communications, Customs, border crossings, police or similar. 

SERVICE / MAINTENANCE    The assistance / equipment maintenance and Speeka 'run by Speeka directly. The apparatus and accessories hired by Speeka are not covered by insurance. The customers' therefore always responsible for any fault / damage that was done to them.    The apparatus, the apparatus accessories (batteries, charger, 12V car power antenna for temporary installation on cars) are always tested to ensure proper operation, before the start of each car and its end.    The customers' aware of the fact that all the accessories are functioning at the beginning of the rental, and that if during the rental itself, or at the end, they showed defect, damage, malfunction or another would affect their proper use in course of future hires, and he 'pay to Speeka the list price of most' VAT damaged object.    The customers' required to disclose Speeka, immediately, the onset of failure, by telephone, fax or email, the successful impairment is found, or to the email address of Speeka. A representative will communicate 'the procedures to be followed.    If the fault and 'consequent to misuse of the apparatus by the customer, these will be' fully responsible for all costs related to the replacement, including any costs of shipping and customs clearance, both incoming and outgoing.    If the fault / damage / theft / loss does not result from responsibility 'of the customer, the apparatus will be' directly instead replaced by Speeka, at his own expense, by express courier. Speeka instruct 'the customer also on where to leave the equipment in storage failure, or how to organize the return Speeka.    The customer is not 'otherwise authorized, in any way, to return the unit to Speeka or to any of the points for technical assistance from Speeka indicated, unless expressly authorized in writing, or other appropriate form to Speeka. If the customer does not will observe 'this indication, he will be' fully responsible for all costs, including customs duties, legal fees of any kind, fines and deposits, which were eventually Speeka support to try to repossess their equipment. Customer Service: Monday ---> Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. Saturday and holidays: the company 'and' closed Support request in emergency conditions The customer must contact Speeka during the scheduled hours, and dedicated technical support. Speeka does not guarantee the reperibilita 'during the weekend and at night. Speeka Employees must be able to monitor and evaluate the magnitude 'of the fault found by the customer. It remains, however, 'sole and absolute authority' Speeka of the decision on the procedures for the repair, replacement or otherwise, on the basis of the report submitted by the service center. Any action, other than the single fault diagnosis, whether due to the customer, and 'always subject to payment.

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